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    Sentrim Tented Camp Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa

    Sentrim Camp Amboseli is a luxury safari lodge situated in Amboseli National Park south west of Kenya, Africa and it is a natural habitat for lions, elephant’s cheetah, leopard, buffalos, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and many more including birds of many different species. Sentrim Camp in Amboseli location deep inside the reserve guarantees close encounters with the park’s renowned big elephants, Sentrim Lodge Amboseli is located on the border of Amboseli National Park right next to Kimana gate, The Sentrim Amboseli is located with views of Mount Kilimanjaro in mind. Every tent at Sentrim Safari Camp room has a small patio off the back of the room with camp chairs and view of the mountian, there is a great pool, spa and viewing deck. The tents are set among a beautiful garden, a great variety of flowering plants and bushes, dozens of bird species and colorful lizards scurry across the paths. At Sentrim Safari Lodge there were so many different types of butterfly’s species, the rooms are spacious with full showers and a vanity table, the are safes at the reception desk, hair dryer in the room and no wifi. The food is excellent with the best was the pizza station for dinner.


    The climate around Sentrim Safari Camp Amboseli is mainly dry with scarcely any rainfall throughout the year with temperatures averaging 25o during the day and 11o at night. Sentrim Safari Lodge Amboseli swimming pool is very clean with adequate sun beds and a pool attendant for towels. A bush dinner can be arranged with the Sentrim Camp Kenya at an additional cost. Followed by sitting around the camp fire exchanging exciting Kenia safari stories with other safaris travelers, Sentrim Camp Amboseli Kenya would suit any disable clients as the whole site is very flat. The Sentrim Lodge Amboseli Kenya is surrounded with electric fences and 24 hour security guards. The tents are very luxurious with shower, hot water and even a hairdryer, safe and tea and coffee facilities. The Sentrim Lodge Amboseli Kenya is located 280 kilometers south of Nairobi and 260 kilometers north of Mombasa. The Amboseli Park covers 392 km2 and forms part of the much larger 3,000 km2 Amboseli ecosystem. Large concentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, making Amboseli a popular tourist vacation destination. Sentrim Amboseli Tented Lodge can be accessed from the main road into Amboseli National Park from Nairobi via Namanga on the Nairobi-Arusha road, through Meshanani gate. The other road is via Emali (228 Kilometers) on the Nairobi-Mombasa road. Access from Mombasa is mainly through Tsavo West via Kimana gate.


    It takes approximately 4 hours by road to Sentrim Amboseli from Nairobi and 35 minutes by air. The Amboseli Sentrim Camp is 15 km from the airstrip. This luxurious tented lodge offers 60 modern tents with a private view onto Mt. Kilimanjaro. The spacious tents boast the very latest in luxury camping safari with soft beds, an en-suite bathroom with a steaming hot shower, coffee and tea making facility, fridge, fan, hair drier, bar, lounge and Electronic safe deposit boxes. The bathroom also offers a washbasin and flush toilets. There is also spa and swimming pool; the showers at Amboseli Sentrim Lodge are the best in Kenya lodges! The power shower with piping hot water is most appreciated after our long Amboseli safaris and the bathroom in general are finished to good standards; the rooms are huge and very comfortable and there are always plenty of staff wandering about to make us feel safe. The food is pleasant enough and the service is good, especially you will like the 'make your own pizza' stand. Sunbathing by the pool watching the wildlife is very tranquil and the short trail through the resort to Kilimanjaro view point is worth a go too, a pleasant walk with monkeys and a nice view. The vast plain starts in the dry bed of Amboseli Lake, that welcomes the visitor with its desolating image. Southward and eastward the area named Ol Tukai shows up, a patch of luxuriant green that hides some of the park's lodges. Following southward there is a palm tree forest, a cool oasis that supplies shade, water and shelter for plenty of wildlife. To both sides of the forest it's the swamps' reign, and at the western part rises the Observation Hill, the only height in the park, a smooth hill to be climbed on foot that displays a magnificent view of the whole park and beyond. Southward, the layers of volcanic rocks rise to the surface, giving the landscape a lunar aspect. Finally, at the south border of the park lay several Maasai villages next to the Tortilis Camp. The overall sensation is of a dry land, in fact annual rainfalls are scarce, in the range of 350-400 mm.


    Accommodation in Amboseli Sentrim Safari Camp


    This luxurious tented lodge offers 60 modern tents with a private view onto Mt. Kilimanjaro. The spacious tents boast the very latest in luxury camping with soft beds, an en-suite bathroom with a steaming hot shower. The bathroom also offers a washbasin and flush toilets. In the tent, we provide coffee and tea making facility, fridge, fan, hair drier and Electronic safe deposit boxes. Amongst the wide range of Kenya hotels, some make the ideal Kenya safari destination. Choose a safari lodge, safari hotel, bush camp, luxury lodge, safari camp, tented camp or bush lodge. National park accommodation usually takes the form of a traditional safari lodge or tented camp, but numerous other options exist on the park boundaries. Luxury lodges and luxury camp options are also offered in the private wildlife conservancies.


    Amboseli Sentrim Camp Dining


    The main dinning room has a sitting capacity of 120, but meals can also be enjoyed at your private veranda; as well as a spacious lounge and bar area. Surrounded by a shady sunbathing area, is our swimming pool and Jacuzzi - a welcome site in this arid land. Amboseli is world-famous for its populations of large mammals. The swamps are a centre of activity for elephants, hippos, buffaloes and abundant water birds. The surrounding flat grasslands are home to grazing antelopes. Spotted hyenas are plentiful, as are jackals, warthogs, olive baboons and vervet monkeys. No longer present in their original numbers, lions can still be found in Amboseli though the famous black-maned lions have long since disappeared, as have the black rhinos that were once so plentiful


    Activities and Amenities at the Amboseli Sentrim Safari Lodge


    Amboseli Sentrim offers table tennis, swimming pool & satellite TV in the bar and there is also an outdoor Jacuzzi. Balloon Safaris are available (at an extra cost) departing at 5.30 am and is rounded off with a champagne bush breakfast. Amenities include refrigerator, hair dryer, coffee making facilities, 2 bottles of drinking water per day. There are whistle available in case you want to attract staffs attention in any emergency! The hotel you have selected, Sentrim Amboseli Lodge, may be able to be booked online using our 00% secure online reservation system; and/or 2) by telephone using the hotel reservation telephone number provided above. When you make you’re booking for Sentrim Hotel Amboseli online, your hotel reservation is transmitted to the Sentrim Amboseli Lodge through a 100% secure Internet connection that protects your personal and credit card information. Once submitted, your hotel reservation will be confirmed within 60 seconds and sent to the Sentrim Amboseli Lodge computer reservation system in Amboseli, Kenya. Within moments after your hotel reservation is made, you will receive a duplicate confirmation by email for your records that confirms and guarantees the reservation with all the details you may need for your stay, including the phone number and address of the Sentrim Amboseli Lodge. For your comfort and peace of mind, you may even call the Sentrim Amboseli Lodge to confirm your reservation using the hotel's direct telephone number provided (note: please allow up to 24 hours for some reservations to make it into the hotel's computer system).


    Sentrim Hotels Information


    Sentrim Amboseli Lodge is managed by Sentrim Hotels who offer quality and affordable accommodation in Kenya Safari destinations. Their Kenya Hotels & Lodges offer you state -of - art facilities for both the Holiday and business travellers. Sentrim Hotels has established itself as Kenya's top vacation accommodation provider with their newly opened Sentrim Samburu Lodge and Amboseli Lodge. Sentrim Kenya Hotels and Lodges employs professional experienced staffs that ensure guest get the best service. Other hotels include Sentrim Six Eighty Hotel Nairobi - Castle Royal Hotel Mombassa – Sentrim Elementaita - Camp.


    Amboseli National Park


    Amboseli National Park, which occupies only 392Km square kilometers, one of Kenya's oldest park, is located near the Kenya and Tanzania border, "in the shadow" of Africa's highest mountain, the snow capped Kilimanjaro. The name Amboseli is derived from the Masai language, “Empuseli” meaning the “Place of Water”. The Amboseli National Park was gazette as a national park by President Jommo Kenyatta in 1974. Due to its unique ecosystem, it was declared a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve in 1991. Amboseli National Park has been famous for its elephants for decades. Designated a national park in 1974, it was then home to one of Africa's last populations of undisturbed elephants. While the new Amboseli National Park protected an area of only 150sq miles, the elephants were still able to migrate across a range of 1,200sq miles, a situation that had become unique because of the expansion of human populations throughout much of the continent. While elephants and farmers are not best bedfellows – crops are routinely destroyed, and reprisals result in the elephants being speared or even killed – the cattle-herding Maasai had lived side-by-side with Amboseli National Park elephants for generations. The Amboseli National Park had also escaped the ivory poaching that was endemic through the Seventies. Amboseli National Park is currently recovering from one of the worst droughts in living memory. Triggered by poor rains in 2008 and a total failure of the long rains in April and May the following year, the drought only finally broke at the end of 2009. By then around 300 of the park's 1200 elephants had died, and the wildebeest and zebra populations – upon which the park's lion population depends – had been so severely depleted that there were fears they would never recover. The result on the ground was an arid semi-desert littered with rotting carcases that some shocked visitors described as looking like an abattoir. But now, just one year later, Amboseli is, to the casual observer at least, in rude health. Scorched earth has been replaced by a carpet of green and the swamps are now watery givers-of-life rather than the treacly deathtraps they had become during the drought.


    Zebra and wildebeest populations have bounced back, and an elephant baby boom is expected in late 2010 when the 22-month gestation cycle has run its course. The world famous elephant research project set up by Cynthia Moss, which has been studying the Amboseli elephants since 1972 and is now the world's longest continuous study of elephants in the wild. As described in Moss's memoir, Elephant Memories, her team has made many discoveries about elephant behavior. These include their uncanny ability to communicate over many miles using ultrasound; the importance of family bonds; their complex emotional intelligence; and the fact that they clearly grieve for their dead, repeatedly returning to the carcasses of dead relatives and cradling their bones in their trunks. Recent studies have even shown that they can distinguish the language of Maasai herders from the English spoken by tourists. The researchers and the families of elephants they have lived with over decades have been the subject of some of the most moving wildlife documentaries ever made – including Echo: An Unforgettable Elephant, presented by Sir David Attenborough, which charted Moss's 40-year relationship with Echo until her death in May 2009. But in a wide-open landscape, with the backdrop of Kilimanjaro, it is a sight of epic proportions, nearby hippos wallow and bushbuck and oryx twitch nervously before bounding out of their path, while brightly- coloured crested cranes, the ballet dancers of the bush, strut their stuff. The ecosystem of Amboseli National Park is mainly savannah grassland and swamps and offers excellent opportunities to view Kenya's animals. This makes Amboseli National Park one of the most-visited safari parks in Kenya. The park has excellent road network, enabling visitors’ chances to do wonderful game drives. Two rainy seasons are well defined: one extends from March to April, the other occurs in November-December. The wettest month is November, 4-8 in. (10.2-20.3 cm.) of rain falling on the plains, and 8-12 in. (20.3-30.5 cm.) across the foothills of Kilimanjaro.


    The mean rainfall in April is 4-6 in. (10.2-15.2 cm.), and in March and May about half this amount. The driest months are June to October, falls seldom totaling more than 0.5 in. (1.3 cm.) in those months. Situated 260km (160 miles) from Nairobi, Amboseli National Park is one of the most popular safari destinations in Kenya. The Amboseli National is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, on the border with the neighboring country of Tanzania The Amboseli territory belongs to the land of the Maasai, the legendary “Proud tribe of nomad warriors and shepherds” that feed on a mixture of blood and milk. The Maasai keep living today in the reserve surrounding the park the way they always did, grazing their herds around the plains and moving their household searching for the best pastures. Along their migrations, restricted today by encroachment of their territories, the Maasai build their settlings, the enkang'or more popularly manyatta or emanyata, using wooden sticks and poles plastered with cow manure. With their long and slender bodies, their proud and hieratic faces, their colored clothes and their plated and red-stained hair, the Maasai are a visually pleasant motif for the photographer, but for your own safety never take pictures of them without their consent. Amboseli is a very fragile ecosystem, submitted to great seasonal variations. The overall sensation is of a dry land; in fact annual rainfalls are scarce, in the range of 350-400 mm. The northwestern area is occupied by the dry bed of the Amboseli Lake, which for a large part of the year is nothing but a huge frying pan covered with shattered saline earth populated with dusty whirlwinds. The mirages blend with the herds of zebra and wildebeest that traverse the scalding plain one after one, crestfallen and with a weary and lost look. Amboseli National Park boasts several wildlife Amboseli resorts and Amboseli safari camps nearby, to suit all travel safari budgets, tastes and interests. Amboseli lodges range from camps and safari lodges to luxury tented camps and smaller private camps that can be reserved for your exclusive use. we offer a variety of lodges and camps in Amboseli, ranging from luxury to budget. Our rates are discounted for most Amboseli lodges listed on this page.Book your Amboseli accommodation today from our selection of lodges in Amboseli, Kenya.


    Amboseli National Park Safari Information


    Amboseli safaris recapture the romantic mystique of authentic safari of centuries past,The incomparable thrill of quietly observing a passing herd of elephant while being served a beer on the veranda of an Amboseli tented camp is an everyday event, Imagine endless savannas teeming with millions of wildlife, towering boulders sprawling with tawny lions, and collapsed volcanoes brimming in mist. Imagine a place completely unaware of civilization where wildlife still reigns supreme. It is hard to believe a place like this still exists, but it does. It is called Amboseli National Park. The first time you experience this African wilderness, it will capture your soul. As other travel companies offer safaris to Kenya organized bustling caravans of minivans, packed with tourists, we saw them missing out on the true wilderness experience. An alternative became apparent to us: the Private Safari. Traditional Kenya safari packages meant unpleasant congestion, generic itineraries, and bickering clients with competing agendas. The value of private safaris became as obvious to us as a million thundering wildebeest with wildlife-focused itineraries. If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing wildlife on a safari to Africa, and have the money to spend on that once in a lifetime trip, there’s probably one reason why you haven’t done it yet – you don’t want to ‘rough it’ in a tent. Thankfully, safaris have come a long way since the days of basic tents and ropey hotels, and now more safari destinations than ever are catering to luxury travelers looking for five star experience, decent food and breath-taking sights of wildlife in their natural habitat. The rise of honeymooners choosing luxury safaris over a traditional relaxing beach breaks have also forced standards of safari destinations up a grade, There are several ways to do a luxury safari, Firstly, there are luxury safari lodges, These normally boast the best location within the game reserve – meaning you get the best views of wildlife, and you still feel like you’re staying in the wild, even with top class accommodation like en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, stylish décor, and often luxurious extras like plunge pools and private decks to watch the sunset. Amboseli Luxury tented camps offer a similar experience, but they are obviously less permanent structures, offering a more authentic experience of ‘camping safari under the stars’ beneath canvas, For a more exclusive luxury safari experience, try a private safari camp, set on a private or leased land, these small, intimate tented lodges can offer more extensive game drives, as they aren’t limited to driving within the roads of Amboseli national park. You can often go on walking safaris with private guides, and get up close with the animals, Private safari camps offer a superior level of services for guests, such as a laundry service, all-inclusive drinks and exclusive access to wildlife that other tourists don’t have.


    What to Expect On a Luxury Safari to Amboseli National Park


    The facilities vary across different types of luxury safari property, but you can expect an exceptional standard throughout. Private campsites are slightly ‘rougher’ – although the tents are large and the camp beds comfy, you’ll still have to use a bucket shower and a bush toilet. Whilst in the lodges houses and hotels, you’ll have ensuite bathrooms, flushing toilets and hot running water. What really makes luxury safari accommodation stand out, however, are the facilities. These can range from a swimming pool and sun deck, private veranda overlooking a watering hole, to hot tub, gym, private dining rooms or chefs, laundry service, a well-stocked bar and restaurant, serving fresh, local produce and picnics to take on game drives. Many of the luxury camps will offer a range of activities, from nature walks with a local guide or wildlife expert, to bush dinners, night-time game drives, birding, interpretive bush walks, walking safaris, Less popular, but still excellent safari destinations such as Tsavo National Park and Lake Nakuru are also worth a look for their vast, untouched wilderness and lack of crowds. Both have a wide range of safari lodges and a tented camp, Masai Mara National Park is also popular national Park. Book and Travel is bespoke travel Specialist Company offering the highest level of personal service and attention to detail on all travel requests. We design detailed customized itineraries for individuals, families, small groups and safari companies. We work closely with a number of high quality suppliers in the travel industry to offer unique itineraries. We have only partnered with the best breed of operators who offer the finest experiences and travel service. Our innovative and fresh approach is created through exceptional service from people who not only love to travel, but people who love to make their clients happy.


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