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    Satao Elerai Camp Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa

    Satao Camp is a luxury safari camp located in a quiet, unspoilt, unique setting on a 5000 acre private conservation area bordering the Amboseli National Park at the foot of Africa's Largest Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Elerai Satao Camp looks down onto the Amboseli National Park in one direction and up to Mount Kilimanjaro in the other direction, giving clients what is arguably the best location of any safari camp in Amboseli. One of the biggest advantages of Elerai Satao Camp is that being located on its own private conservation area and clients have the chance to view wildlife in private surroundings. In addition, the Satao Elerai Safari Camp also offers clients the chance to enjoy spectacular bush sundowners, night game drives and game walks on the conservancy. At Satao Elerai Tented Camp Wake up in the coolness of the early morning and watch the first few rays of the sun hit the blue Mt. Kilimanjaro Africa’s greatest mountain. Satao Safari Camp is an eco friendly luxury camp tugged away in the corner of the famous Amboseli National Park. Satao Tented Camp takes you back to the classical Out of Africa safari with green canvas tents, bush style showers and personal and friendly service; evoking a feeling of the true ‘Old African’ safaris experience.


    The location of Satao Elerai Camp Amboseli is indisputably unique; nestled beneath the shade of the old Tamarind trees, just in front of a very favored waterhole, the guests are ensured breathtaking view to the many elephants coming daily for a drink and a refreshing wash. One of the biggest advantages of Satao Camp Amboseli is that being located on its own private conservation area and in addition, the camp also offers clients the chance to enjoy spectacular bush sundowners, night game drives and game walks on the conservancy. The Satao Safari Camp Amboseli currently has large luxurious lodge style rooms with large bathrooms equipped with a bath and shower with hot water provided by eco friendly solar units. Satao Safari Camp Kenya offers night drives; game walks and bush sundowners which are not permitted in Amboseli National Park. At Satao Elerai Lodge you’ll enjoy a friendly welcome and truly delicious a la carte meals. On clear nights you can dine on the terrace under starry night skies and even see Kilimanjaro lit up by the moon. You could also spot animals at the Satao Lodge waterhole or out on the plains. Groups can enjoy a memorable bush dinner at a special place in the Elerai wilderness. Satao Safari Lodge represents 5 luxury suites and 9 charming canvas tents. The gorgeous lodge style suites feature gently sloping organic walls, built with natural rocks, acacia wood and a carefully constructed thatched roof; large sliding doors opens up to a private verandah overlooking the plains of Elerai Conservancy and the Amboseli National Park. Each suite has a spacious bathroom with private view of the surroundings, hand crafted bathtub, shower, flush toilet and hand wash basin. The large elegant canvas tents are set on raised wood platforms with a thatched roof, each completed with a balcony with a daybed for the prefect relaxation. The en-suite bathrooms are spacious and have shower, flush toilet and hand wash basin. Water for both suites and tents is heated by solar whereas electricity powered by generator. To ensure the night is spent in absolute comfort our suites and tents are furnished with large comfortable beds and high quality duvets, pillows and linen. Guests visiting Satao Tented Lodge Amboseli will enjoy their breakfasts, lunches and dinners in our dining room or at our outdoor terrace; enjoying the morning view to the Mt. Kilimanjaro. On clear and starlit nights the moon will cast its light on the mountain giving the perfect settings for a romantic dinner. Our chefs prepare a wide variety of international dishes to suit all tastes; using locally grown vegetables and fruits. Dinners are served a la carte and we are always happy to meet any special requirements. For guests going on a long morning or a full day game drive picnic baskets are provided. Satao Elerai arranges bush dinners at carefully selected areas.


    The camp has its own waterhole frequently visited by elephants, giraffes, zebra, lesser kudu, eland and the big, One of the highlights at the Amboseli Satao Camp is the Satao Elerai project. The project has been conducted between the Satao Elerai, The African Wildlife Foundation and The Elerai community; The Satao Elerai Project is a community project that has been along time in the making. The concept is to provide a sustainable income from tourism for the Masai community in the area and to try and ensure that it is in the community’s interest to protect the wildlife for generations to come. Amboseli has been a location where human-wildlife conflict has been an issue for many years, and it is projects like these that can over time ensure that communities start to benefit from wildlife and to ensure they invest in protecting and securing their future for their own benefit. On arrival at Satao Camp Amboseli Africa you are greeted by your host's Eddy and Dee who are lovely and very warming. Satao Camp Amboseli Africa is intimate and the food is always lovely plus the views are spectacular, the tents are not 'over-themed', though still luxurious are very large, beautiful, simple, spacious, they have everything you need (there is a very big eco underpinning to Satao Elerai so don't expect to see piles of fluffy white towels and more toiletries than a chemist) - every thing is simple, which lets you appreciate the beauty of the scenery around you, You're in Africa!! ...


    Satao Elerai Camp Accommodation


    Satao Elerai Camp has five lodge style suite rooms and nine deluxe Mountain facing tents, both designed to ensure that your stay will be in complete luxury. At night you can fall asleep into your high quality bed with its luxury bedding and sleep like a dream. In the morning, pull back the tent opening and drink in the views of ‘Kili’ from your bed or sit in your camp chairs on the deck and sip your favorite cuppa. The artistically designed lodge suites face the game rich plains of Amboseli and have wide sliding doors. You could spot Elephant, Zebra and Giraffe from your private veranda. The en suite facilities include a delightful bath with a view. The tub is made from natural stone and Acacia wood. The Large comfortable beds and quality linen combine to ensure that you will sleep through the night in total comfort in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro. All Satao Elerai Camp tent have their own en-suite bathroom with solar hot showers and a toilet with a view. Raised cedar wood floors, acacia poles and makuti (thatch) roofing complement the surrounding environment. Large balconies with relaxing day beds combine to offer the perfect place to lie as you take in the ambience when relaxing. The rooms at Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp were built and designed to ensure that your stay will be in complete luxury. Huge beds with top quality mattresses and pillows and a large luxurious duvet ensure that you will sleep through the night in total comfort. Each room has its own bathroom with a view, equipped with bath tub, shower, sink and flush toilet, the elegantly furnished Satao Elerai Camp suite rooms have large sliding doors that open out onto your own private verandah overlooking the plains below and Amboseli National Park. Elephants, giraffe’s and zebra are seen most days from the comfort of your room. Designed using natural rock and acacia wood, the bathrooms has their own naturally crafted bathtub and shower which is unique to Elerai. Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp welcomes children, we have specially designed family safaris, and features the highlight of Amboseli National Park, Imagine the thrill of watching your child see their first wild elephant, so close they could almost touch it, or floating with you in a hot air balloon above herds of wildebeest and zebra. Travel is the world’s best education and no place on earth will broaden your child’s horizons like Amboseli.


    Satao Elerai Camp Meals


    Dinners at Satao Elerai Camp are served a la carte. Using locally grown vegetables and fruit our chefs prepare a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes. On a clear night tables are set out on the terrace where clients can enjoy a meal under the stars. Regularly the mountain will be clear early evening and can be seen lit up by the moon from your dinner table. If you have any special requests for meals please let us know in advance, the chefs at Satao Elerai will be happy to meet your requirements. A sundowner with Kilimanjaro as the backdrop is something not to be missed. Few locations offer such an amazing chance to take that ideal Africa sunset picture with the bonus of Kilimanjaro in the background. Amboseli offers one of the most amazing locations to do a Balloon safari. With Mt Kilimanjaro as a back drop and the Amboseli swamps and elephants completing the landscape below this is something everyone should try and include during their safari in Amboseli Satao Elerai camp. Not only does Satao Elerai Camp have a strong community ethic but it also has stunning views, delicious food, cold beer and amazing beds. This combined with one of the best locations in the Amboseli ecosystem make this camp a real winner. You will particularly like the wooden decking around each of the large comfortable tents; the perfect place to site and take in the awesome landscape


    Satao Elerai Camp Game Walks


    Elerai Conservation area is one of the best game walking safari areas in Kenya with several different options for walks including several walks in the nearby river gorge. The Walks are offered free of charge and allow you to experience the bush and wildlife in a completely different way. Experience an Amboseli Walking Safari on Foot. On a walking safari in Amboseli guests will be led by experienced and professional game rangers through a wildlife area rich in game including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo as well as hyena, hippo, giraffe, zebra and a whole host of other wildlife. In addition to Amboseli walking safaris, Big 5 game drives and night drives are offered allowing guests to participate in a full spectrum of safari activities. Walking in the bush is where all your senses come into play and your experience is stripped down to the raw, vivid and very liberating feeling of really being in wild Africa. Often walking isn’t so much about game viewing as the whole experience – sounds and smells as much as what you actually see. But game viewing doesn’t get a lot more real than crouching a few yards from the banks of the Mara River seeing wildebeest crossing the raging torrent a matter of yards below you. This kind of experience is a possibility in certain wilderness areas of the Serengeti where only a small number of responsible operators are granted access. Walks can be for an hour or two in the morning or evening, or, for the more adventurous they can be over a period of days, supported with a light camp.


    Satao Elerai Camp Game Drives


    Few places offer the opportunity to see the nocturnal wildlife of Africa. Night game drives give you the opportunity to see serval cats, genet cats, civet cats, ardwolfs, owls, bush babies and many other beautiful species that roam the bush at night. This offers a different experience and is a must for those that have never experienced it. Typical Amboseli vacation safari experiences at Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp include: safari game drives in especially adapted 4WD safari vehicles (with professionally trained Kenya wildlife guides), safari bush breakfasts, lunches and dinners; cocktails around the safari campfire and guided wildlife walks through the bush. Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp also offers ornithological tours, cultural performances and local community visits. Amboseli National Park or on the Elerai Conservation area. Amboseli National Park offers the amazing Amboseli swamps with the large herds of elephants and buffalos and the unique aquatic bird species. In contract Elerai conservation area offers grass plains and acacia woodland forests which are home to the large elephant bulls, many giraffe and eland and a host of amazing bird life. Kenya tours and safaris to Amboseli Satao Elerai can be easily arranged on a fly-in safaris or self-drive safari basis.


    Satao Elerai Camp Community Tours


    If you are looking for eco luxury camp in Amboseli Kenya then Satao Elerai will steal your heart. Discover handcrafted furnishings and great use of natural resources at this appealing camp. The tents and lodge suites are supplied with hot running water from environmentally friendly solar units. Children are welcome and there are excellent rates for kids between 2 and 12 years of age. A trip to the Elerai Masai community allows you to experience an authentic Masai experience. Our trips allow you to see the Masai as they live traditionally and not under false circumstances. Enjoy a chance to walk with their cattle as they set out for the days grazing. Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp stands in Amboseli National Park lies 250 km south (four hours drive, one hour flight time) of Nairobi and close to the Tanzanian border (Namanga 85kms) and Mount Kilimanjaro. The Elerai Community has partnered with Satao Elerai Camp and the African Wildlife Foundation to create a project which aims to provide long term income from tourism for the local Maasai and at the same time, conserve the land and wildlife. The Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust have been set up so that donations can benefit the community and wildlife directly. We have been greatly encouraged by our guest’s interest and willingness to want to assist with these projects. In the interest of the Elerai Community we decided to set up the Satao Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust, a vehicle through which people can make donations to assist communities and wildlife directly. The community themselves are trustees of the trust and all funds received are utilized solely for the benefit of community and wildlife in the area.


    Conference facilities at Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp


    although this tented camp does not offer specific conference facilities but small events can be accommodated. This tented camp also makes an ideal honeymoon or Kenya wedding venue


    Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp What to Wear


    Carry a change of cloths in your hand luggage in case your bags get lost during a Amboseli air safari, Comfortable, casual, cotton clothing is recommended for your travels in tropical Africa as the organic material allows your skin to breath, in the hot, humid climate. During holiday safari to Amboseli try to avoid bright colors which can frighten any animals. Trousers or long skirts are recommended after dark to stop the mosquitoes biting. And a sweater is also advisable as evenings and early mornings can be chilly. Many Amboseli hotels and Amboseli lodges have swimming pools so be sure to carry some swimwear. Personal towel & a sun proof hat can protect you from sweat & dust which builds up around your face during the vacation safari to Amboseli. A pair of sturdy, comfortable walking shoes is highly recommended, with sandals for time by the pool and around the camp. While in East Africa always remember you are a guest in another country so please respect the culture and religion by wearing appropriate clothing.


    Satao Elerai Amboseli Camp Awards


    The Out of Africa Collection offers a convenient and simple booking system. One booking can cover all properties and services. All properties work on the same seasons and contractual terms. Once your booking is completed you receive only one invoice covering all your booked services. All properties and operators are privately owned and the owners are strongly involved in the daily management of their camp or operation. This guarantees that agents are able to contact our reservation office and get connected by mail or phone to the requested owner for any further questions. The reservation office is in daily contact with the camp managers of the properties to ensure all requests are being forwarded; guests are assured everything is being done to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our overall objective is to encourage exquisite safari experiences into the African savannah. All our game drives are accomplished with Professional Kenyan Safari Guides; committed to share the spectacular African wild animals and rich birdlife. Guides are constantly being trained by a wildlife guiding company. Visiting photographers are given extra attention to ensure the right settings and light for the most amazing wildlife and nature pictures. Satao Elerai Camp is part of the: The Out Of Africa Collection. A collection of chic eco luxury camps covering most Kenyan National Parks.


    2011: Nominated “Best Safari Camp in Kenya”
    2010: Nominated “Best Tented Camp in Kenya”
    2009: Nominated “Best new safari camp in Kenya”
    2009: Nominated “Best ecological safari camp in Kenya”

    Amboseli National Park


    Amboseli National Park, formerly Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, southern Kenya eastern Africa. Amboseli was originally established as a game reserve in 1948 and covered 1,259 square miles (3,261 square km) northwest of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Within it were distinguished seven habitats: open plains, acacia woodland, lava-strewn thorn bush country, swamp, marshland, the Amboseli lake bed, and the slopes of Oldoinyo Orok. Historically, the land in the reserve was home to the Maasai and their cattle herds. In 1974 a little more than 10 percent of the reserve was established as the Amboseli National Park, with an area of 151 square miles (392 square km). Centred on Lake Amboseli, normally dry with a flat basin of alkaline soils, the park encompasses three of the original seven habitats: open plains, thorn bush country, and acacia woodland. A great variety of wildlife inhabits the park. Important fauna include baboons, lions, cheetahs, elephants, black rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, Maasai giraffes, buffalo, oryx, wildebeests, gerenuk, impalas, and gazelles. In 2005 the Kenyan government announced its intentions to give the park back to local Maasai people; the park’s status was to revert back to being a reserve and would then be managed by a local council. However, conservationists mounted a legal challenge against the government’s action, and the transfer was halted. The Amboseli Conservation Program (ACP) began in 1967 when David Western studied the ecology of the Maasai Amboseli National Reserve to address a deep conflict over its status and future. Conservationists, insistent that overgrazing was destroying Amboseli’s famous fever tree woodland and its wildlife, were pressing the government to create a national park and exclude the Maasai. The Kajiado County Council rejected the claim and insisted on control of the reserve and its tourist revenues.


    Recognizing the role of pastoralists in the ecosystem, Western studied the interplay of livestock and wildlife, and showed the importance of seasonal migrations and the drought refuges of the Amboseli basin in sustaining their abundance and coexistence. Based on these findings, he proposed that the Maasai should establish a small core park nested within a larger ecosystem that sustained the migrations and the coexistence of people and wildlife. The proposal drew in anthropologists, political scientists, and economists from the University of Nairobi’s Institute of Development Studies, the warden, Daniel Sindiyo, members of the Maasai community and the Kajiado County Council. The resulting land use plan, produced in 1969, proposed that the pastoral community that had sustained wildlife in Amboseli for generations should be a primary beneficiary of tourism revenues. By 1973 the research studies, land use analysis, planning work, and conservation activities had coalesced into the Amboseli Conservation Program. The program and conservation plan were endorsed and supported by the New York Zoological Society (now Wildlife Conservation Society). If you are dying to see African elephants in large numbers, then the Amboseli National Park is definitely ideal for you. Amboseli has an elephant population of 900, so you will definitely run into a sizeable elephant herd during a game drive. Not only that, you are most likely to get a close look. One more fabulous thing about the Amboseli is the awesome view of Mount Kilimanjaro. You don’t want to miss that. Amboseli has a lot to offer. Obviously the game viewing opportunities are excellent. Not just for elephants, but for many other animal species as well. The opportunities for bird watching are also great. You will definitely enjoy taking photographs of everything just be sure to come with enough batteries and memory so you aren’t disappointed. The views are phenomenal, especially the views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are on Amboseli Camping safari, you will definitely enjoy the camping sites. Of course if you don’t fancy camping there are great hotels in Amboseli. Besides the elephants, visitors get to view the Big 5. One special feature of Amboseli is the Observation Hill, a point from which tourists can view the entire park. Below the observation hill is a swamp that hosts elephants, buffaloes, hippos and also birds like the pelican and the Egyptian goose. Other species in Amboseli are Cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, rhinos, buffalo, giraffe, lion, zebra, porcupine and 600 different species of birds. Talk about a bird watchers paradise.


    For birdwatching safari purposes, the period between October and January is best because of the migratory birds that populate the place. These are red and yellow bishops, buffalo weavers, palm nut vultures, African skimmers and goshawks. This is by no means a complete list. As we have already mentioned, there are over 600 bird species in the Amboseli. For game viewing, the best months are January and February. June and September are also excellent. April and May is not good because it is the rainy season. Between November and December there is also usually a little rain. In case of rain roads become impassable. The Amboseli is located 240km from Nairobi via Namangak, or 228 km via Emali. For tourists travelling in from Mombasa, access is through Tsavo West National Park. Some tourists fly in. here is an airstrip available for that. The Amboseli National park is much smaller than the Mara at 390 km2, and is located in Loitoktok which is in the Rift Valley Province, the largest province in Kenya. Carry plenty of drinking water because you are bound to get thirsty in the sun. Pack a picnic to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. For campers, standard camping safaris equipment is important. Binoculars will be very important in your game viewing and enjoying the landscape, pack a good quality camera – with more than one pairs of charged batteries as well as plenty of memory – to take pictures with. A wide brimmed hat is great for sun protection but even with this sunscreen is still very important. A pair of sunglasses would improve your level of comfort. Just like in any wilderness environment, bug spray is very important. Don’t get out of the car and never antagonize the animals – just observe them. Stick to the road tracks and always stop to let animals pass, they enjoy right of way. Should you happen to visit during the wet season, be prepared by having a good car that will not get stuck in the mud. Use a local driver who is familiar with the soil. Wear comfortable clothes because the weather is normally hot and dry.


    There are good Amboseli safari lodges both inside and outside the Amboseli. Look up Oltukai Lodge, Amboseli Serena Lodge, Kimana Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge and Tortilis Camp. Some of these are luxury accommodation while others are simpler. Go with whatever fits your tastes and your budget. Should you want to camp, remember to carry all your camping gear. The camping sites are Olgululu Public Campsite, Tortillis Tented Camp, Cottar’s Tented Camp, Chyulu Tented Camp, Abercrombie and Kent Tented Camp, Nairushari Special, Ker and Downy Tented Camp, Kimbla Tented Camp, and others. Amboseli Self drive safaris are an option, though to enjoy full access to the most remote (and tourist free!) areas you’ll need a 4WD car or jeep. For those in search of ultimate convenience flying safaris to Amboseli will transport you directly from a country’s international airport into the heart of the wilderness.


    Amboseli Tented Camps Information


    As the Kenya safari industry has developed, so have the number of options relating to bush accommodation type. At these lavish safari camps in Amboseli, guests get up close and personal with the world’s most elusive wildlife—without sacrificing comfort. These days, going on a safari to Amboseli doesn’t mean having to rough it and five-star safari camps in Amboseli Kenya are plentiful. Think thatched suites with wooden terraces, in-room plunge pools and even private helipads. Believe it or not, these safari camp amenities aren’t uncommon. The real reason to go on a safari in Amboseli National Park though is not for the accommodations—it’s for the wildlife-spotting. But as safari travel has become more abundant, so has access to game, and many trackers find themselves in line with a mob of other ranger trucks filled with visitors all after the same experience: an intimate view of the world’s most illusory animals. This can be avoided, however, if you stay at the right tented camp. That’s why Book & Travel chooses exceptional safari camps based on their fancy lodging, exclusivity of game drives (many of which last three to eight hours), and unique access in the bush. These safaris come with some strings attached, though—namely good behavior. Being so close to lions, rhinos and zebras (oh my!) might be exhilarating, but make sure that excitement doesn’t get the best of you. Observe the animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities. “Loud talking on game drives may frighten the animals away. Never attempt to approach a wild animal on foot, especially near your lodge or campsite where the animals have become accustomed to humans. Do not try to attract the animals’ attention by imitating their sounds, clapping, throwing objects or making any other disruptive noises. Whatever you do, protect the habitat. Off-road driving causes erosion and encourages the unwanted plant species and off-road driving is not allowed in any part of Amboseli National Reserve in Kenya and many other reserves around Kenya. Don’t smoke—the dry African bush ignites easily. Now back to Amboseli safari camps, Options vary greatly in this category, from basic three star accommodations to the most luxurious five star structures, Amboseli Safari lodges are fully permanent accommodation built out of stone, wood, thatch, bricks, mortar or a combination of all. Designs generally blend well into the African bush and contour the natural landscape, offering great views and similar amenities found in any hotel in the world. These are the most typical types of safari accommodation in Amboseli and in Kenya. You will most likely find air conditioning, a small library, a pool, a spa, laundry service, exquisite cuisine and excellent service, Safari lodges vary dramatically in size and style but are generally bigger than the mobile camps and permanent tented lodges. As these structures are permanent in location, be sure to check that your choice has good year-round game viewing. Below is an overview of the general accommodation options available, be sure to check the exact facilities of your ultimate accommodation choice (as these do vary from one to the other) or contact us for further information.


    Amboseli Permanent Tented Camps


    As the name suggests, these are non-movable permanent structures built on a concrete or wooden bases with canvas tent sides. Permanent tented camps combine the secluded, intimate atmosphere of tented lodging with the modern convenience of a safari lodge.


    Permanent tented Camps offer breathtaking vistas of the surroundings in a tranquil and serene environment – this is sensory overload! They generally offer private decks overlooking the bush, large sleeping areas, separate bathroom and showers with hot and cold running water and electricity. Public areas typically include a bar, lounge, dining areas, viewing decks, usually a pool, and a curio shop. Some will have Internet, a/c, and a private plunge pool. This luxurious and comfortable option is not roughing it in any way, and safari camps are generally more expensive than lodges. A safari camp is one where clients stay in permanent camps and travel from point to point by private road transfer or air charter. The lodge is the base for the day's activities, which may include game drives, walking safaris, boating, fishing, swimming. Clients are normally hosted during meals, service is personal, and professional guides and knowledgeable staff are on hand to supervise activities and answer questions. Tented camps tend to be small, luxurious and offer a more personal level of service.


    Mobile and Seasonal Tented Camps


    A 'mobile camping safari' involves the entire camp - tents, cooks, showers etc - move either with clients or goes ahead in separate vehicles. These safaris usually take 9-15 days with the camps being set up in 4 or 5 different locations. Usually the group travels by 4x4, although some safaris combine this with charter flights. Mobile safaris fall into three broad categories - non-participation Classic Camping and Authentic Camping Safaris, and limited-participation Adventure Safaris. For those that are a little more adventurous Amboseli National Park has a number of fantastic seasonal and mobile tented camps from which to choose. The non-permanent, luxury tents are reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’s East Africa adventures and allow you to be fully immersed in nature. Mobile tented camps are often erected for three to six month periods following the wildlife movements, putting you in the best locations for game viewing. Generally campsites are small and sleeping tents are large, with very comfortable finishing, complete with flushing toilets and hot and cold running water. A separate dining tent and often a lounge/library will allow you to relax away from your tent, while camps are setup in remote game viewing areas away from tourist circuits.


    Classic Camping Safaris


    Classic Camping Safaris are "top of the range" and the level of service, bedding, cuisine and guiding is superb. These Amboseli safaris are well suited to clients who want to experience a traditional safari without sacrificing any creature comforts. 'Classic Camping' safaris tend to follow the theme of the old Hemingway-style camping safaris; accommodation is based on the walk-in 'Meru' style with ensuite bathrooms with short-drop loos. The camp staff move ahead of the clients and set up the camp and dining area. Cooks and room staff are on hand to ensure that clients are extremely well cared for. Travel is usually in Land Rovers or Land Cruisers and group sizes are limited to 10 guests. Private safaris can be arranged for family groups or for travel with friends. Flying Safaris are conducted when distances are great and the easiest way to get between camps is by charter plane. Many safaris use a combination of 4x4s and charter planes.


    Light Mobile Camping


    For the very adventurous, there are well-organised but simple ‘fly-camping’ options, usually associated with walking safaris. This option is the most versatile and most rugged option. It is also the most cost-effective lodging option as many of the ‘frills’ are omitted. If you are comfortable sleeping with out in the open wilderness with nothing but a thin walled tent/mosquito net with the sound of the nearby hippos and wildebeest, this option is for you! Immerse yourself fully in the wilderness in a location chosen by your accompanying guide. This option is basic, but is completely private with only yourself and your companion in the camp, unwinding around a campfire looking up at the stars.


    As tents are located near wildlife, the nights can be noisy; particularly when wildebeest and hippos are about you’ll want to consider this factor as well when deciding on which lodging options are best for you. Besides for the tented ‘fly camping’ option, certain luxury lodges have build ‘sleep out’ hides into trees and other landscapes (totally private and very romantic for the adventuring couple)


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