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    Kibo Safari Camp Amboseli National Park | Kenya Tented Camps

    Kibo Safari camp is a luxury safari camp located in Amboseli National park Kenya and the luxury camp offers spectacular view of Mont Kilimanjaro. Kibo Safari Camp, a new addition of a tented camp in Amboseli National Park. Kibo Tented Camp exudes a rustic appeal to luxury as most of its construction was implemented with use of natural materials hence giving it a more natural look. Kibo Safari Camp Amboseli incorporates an open terraced restaurant and bar under acacia trees overlooking majestic Mt Kilimanjaro and a beautiful swimming landscaped within. Amboseli Kibo Safari Camp is only a 4 hours drive away from Nairobi city and with the newly built tarmac road from Emali to Loitoktok, you are sure to get here comfortably. Kibo Camp is 15km away from the Amboseli airstrip and a five minutes drive from the park gate. The ideal location of the Kibo Camp Amboseli ensures you get breathtaking views and offers complete tranquility and privacy as we have maintained the original nature feel bringing you closer to nature.


    Amboseli Kibo Camp staff are reputed to be one of the friendliest in Kenya and together with the Kibo Camp ambience, your tour to Amboseli is sure to be an extremely personal and a unique experience. Activities at Kibo Safari Camp include, Game Drives, Cultural tours to Maasai Manyatas,Cultural Maasai Dance and Camp Bonfires. Accommodation at Kibo Safari Camp Kenya is in luxury tents built on a concrete base, these tents give you the feeling of camping safari in the wilds of Africa while at the same time affording it's guests unmatched comfortable and serving both international and local cuisines. Our fruits & vegetables are served fresh as they are picked from our very own farm. Kibo Lodge chef will pamper you with fine cuisines for all tastes. Special meal requirements are met on request i.e. vegetarian, non-vegetarian or special meals for the sick. Note: While booking inform our hotels reservation about any special meal requirements. Enjoy a cold swim in the swimming pool beautifully designed and set against the backdrop of the Mt Kilimanjaro. This is also an ideal location to watch the sun set as you relax and enjoying a sun downer. The Kibo Safari Camp Amboseli Kenya consists of has 61 spacious self contained tents sheltered by traditional African ‘Makuti' thatched roofs, these tents give you luxury combined with comfort in the wild of Africa. All tents are en-suite with built in showers and toilets (hot and cold running water), and power is supplied from a sound proofed generator on site. Kibo Camp comfortable beds and furniture are locally made tastefully with bush logs and the tents decorated with African rustic furniture. In addition the tents have mosquito nets, clothes rack, carpet, seat and writing desk. All our rooms are en-suite with a flush toilet and hot and cold shower. Each tent has a washing basin/sink with cold and hot tap water.


    For tourist on Amboseli honeymoon safari, Kibo Safari Camp offers you a special honeymoon holidays package tailor made for your unforgettable experience. Meals are set away from the main mess area i.e. A private dinner by the poolside under the stars, lunch or breakfast under the open skies in our camp, or a surprise from our Kibo Tented Camp manager. Get a relaxing massage at Kibo Safari Camp Massage Parlour. This can be you alone or with your loved one. All this done on special arrangement. You can get to Kibo Camp Amboseli either by road safari or by flying safari. There is one flight schedule departure daily from Nairobi and from Amboseli. The flight takes about 45 minutes. By road safaris, it will take you approximately 2 hours to the Namanga border point and a further 2 hours to the lodge from Namanga. Kibo Tented Lodge is a simple tented camp, yet it has everything you need to have a nice stay at the Amboseli area. It is very near to one of the Amboseli entrances, so it is very convenient because you don't have a long drive in order to get to the reserve. At Kibo Tented Lodge Amboseli the tents are simple and nice and tidy, and you have a nice sitting area outside the tent, from where you can see the Mount Kilimanjaro, There is a pool where you can rest and swim during your free time and the food at the restaurant is good, nothing fancy but nice and varied. The service is very good and the people very kind, and they give you bottled water every night. Kibo Safari Camp Accommodation


    The Camp has 71 self contained spacious tents sheltered by ‘makuti’ roofs built to accommodate as per the clients needs and preference that is: Singles, Doubles, Triples and Family Tent (max 8 Pax). The comfortable beds and furniture are locally made tastefully with bush logs and the tents decorated with African rustic furniture. In addition the tents have mosquito nets, clothes rack, carpet, seat and writing desk. All the rooms are en-suite with a flush toilet and hot and cold shower. Each tent has a washing basin/sink with cold and hot tap water. For the newly weds Kibo Safari Camp offers you a special package tailor made for your unforgettable experience. The tents are nice and large, clean, and well equipped, with hot water and a decent shower. You will particularly like the way they have used natural features and materials in constructing the camp, you almost feel as though you are part of the bush even though you retain your comforts and civilities. All staff are friendly and welcoming.


    Kibo Hotel Dining & Restaurant


    Dine in the open terraced restaurant set under acacia trees overlooking the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Kibo Hotel Amboseli chef will pamper you with fine cuisines for all tastes and special meal requirements are met on request i.e. vegetarian, non-vegetarian or special meals for the sick. Fruits & vegetables are served fresh as they are picked from the camp’s very own farm. Enjoy a cold or warm drink in the open terraced bar which serves a special house cocktail or a wide collection of wines, spirits, soft drinks, juices, brandies or beers. When you arrive you will be greeted with a smile, a clean towel and a glass of fruit juice, hospitality which is a tradition at Kibo Tented Camp. The restaurant serves meals between set times and the food itself is excellent, with a really good buffet selection of nice fresh food each time. There's a nice gift shop with some decent gifts, a bar serving cold beverages, an outside area for sitting in near a fire in the evening, a swimming pool, and if the weather is clear, the shadow of Kilimanjaro makes a perfect backdrop to the camp. The entrance to Amboseli is literally 5 minutes away, so perfect for early morning or evening game drives. The camp welcomes children and offers children's pool, baby-sitting, cots, children's menus and children's mealtimes. Kibo Safari Camp offers a tranquil atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of the main towns for team building.


    Kibo Safari Camp Game Drives


    Kibo Safari Camp is set only a few minutes' drive from the park entry gate (Kimana Gate) making sure you get into the park on time to explore before the sun is too hot or in the evening before the sun goes down. The Amboseli's fragile ecosystem displays an impressive wildlife variety, with more than 50 mammal species. No doubt the kings of Amboseli National Park are the elephants, which are present in large numbers, and are fond of the swamps, where they share the cool waters with the hippos that hide beneath the papyrus. The park is also home to a large resident population of wildebeest and Burchell's zebra. Other grass-eaters include Thomson's and Grant’s gazelles, buffalo, warthog, Masai giraffe, impala, waterbuck and dik-dik. Baboons and vervet monkeys inhabit the scarce woodlands. Carnivores are represented by lions, spotted hyenas, wild cats, jackals, caracals and cheetahs. There are more than 400 species have been registered, including pelican, flamingo, kingfisher, African fish eagle, ibis, secretary bird, crowned crane, grey and Goliath herons, cattle egret, black-winged stilt, little grebe, Egyptian goose, martial eagle, pigmy falcon, Masai ostrich, marabou stork, white-backed vulture, lappet-faced vulture, yellow-necked spur fowl, Kori bustard and hornbills.After the rains, the park gathers large populations of water birds.


    Amboseli National Park


    Safaris to Amboseli are very popular because of the stunning view it displays of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. When you go on your safari to Amboseli be sure to get the famous photograph of elephants with the unforgettable views of Kilimanjaro in the background! Amboseli National Park embodies five main wildlife habitats: open plains; acacia woodland; rocky thorn bush; swamps and marshlands. The park also covers a part of the Pleistocene lake basin, now dry. Within this basin is the temporary Lake Amboseli that floods during heavy rainfall. Although a very dry and arid landscape, Amboseli is quite lush in places. The melting snow of Kilimanjaro flow underground into the park and continually feeds water to springs, swamps, and marshes providing a much needed lifeline. This fragile ecosystem displays an impressive wildlife variety, with more than 50 mammal species. The best game viewing is in the eastern half of the park in the vicinity of Ol Tukai Lodge and lakes Engoni Naibor and Loginya. In the dry bush country towards Namanga you will find two interesting antelope - the fringe-eared oryx and the long-necked gerenuk. The kings of the park are the elephants, which are present in large numbers. They are easy to spot and photograph due to the flat and naked terrain. Amboseli's elephants are said to be the biggest in Kenya and can be found in the swamps where they share the cool waters with the hippos that hide beneath the papyrus. The park is also home to a large resident population of wildebeest, Burchell's zebra, Thomson's and Grant's gazelle, buffalo, warthog, impala, waterbuck, dik dik, Maasai giraffe and eland. Coke's hartebeest and white-bearded gnu are also commonly spotted on game drives. Vervet monkey and yellow baboon inhabit the scarce woodlands, mainly around Ol Tukai Lodge. Lion, spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, wild cat, bat- eared foxes and caracal are also found in Amboseli National Park. Leopards, cheetah and black rhino are quite rare. Birdlife is abundant, especially near the lakes and swamps. The yellow weaver bird, Taveta golden weaver, Taita falcon, southern branded Harrier eagle and superb starling are some of the resident birds found around the park. Observation Hill allows for an overall view of the park, especially the swamps and elephants, Amboseli offer the traveler a wide range of accommodation options. Your choice of accommodation for your stay in Amboseli should be dictated by your personal travel budget, but also by your own interests.


    For some people, sleeping under canvas in the Amboseli bush, by an open fire and surrounded by the spectacular night noises of wild animals, is a once in a life time experience that has greater value than the most costly hotel or lodge. For others, the experience of enjoying unparalleled luxury, fine cuisine and world class service while surrounded by the wonders of the wild makes Amboseli the holiday ultimate destination. Whether you're looking to rough it or relax in style, Amboseli can cater for every taste, budget and personal interest. Safari lodges in Amboseli offer hotel-style comforts and accommodation in the wilderness. Standards vary from the rustic to the modern, from the simply appointed to the last word in luxury. Efforts are usually made to design safaris lodges that blend into their environment, with an emphasis on all natural local building materials and use of traditional art and decoration. Most lodges serve meals and have lounges and bars, often with excellent views or overlooking waterholes or salt licks that attract game. Many have resident naturalists, as well as guides for organized walks or game drives. Amboseli Lodges are found throughout Kenya's National Parks and Reserves and other wilderness areas. For those looking for the Amboseli Camping safari experience without the possible discomfort, then an Amboseli Tented Camps are ideal options. Amboseli Camps provide the visitor with large walk in tents, complete with beds and furniture. The tent often has its own private bathroom with supplied water, showers and flush toilets. Most Tented camps in Amboseli have a central mess tent or a fully stocked restaurant and bar. Levels of luxury in tented camps in Amboseli vary from the functional through to five star, with tents offering the standard of accommodation one would expect from a top end international resort. Amboseli Safari camps can be can be book here, Amboseli Mobile camping is a unique and intimate way to enjoy a Kenya safari, especially for animal and nature lovers. These camps move according to wildlife concentrations, following the Elephants, so you’re always near a prime location for animal viewing. And there’s no sacrifice on luxury, most mobile camps in Amboseli combine the ambiance of early explorer campsites with the amenities of modern day hotels. Mobile camps are beautifully decorated and include comfortable beds and fully equipped bathrooms (ceramic toilets, showers, etc.). Meals and drinks are served in a separate dining tent where you can connect with fellow travelers and sit around a campfire enjoying the serenity of your surroundings.


    Kibo Safari camp Booking


    Amboseli tented camps continue to redefine the original tented safari with modern-day advantages, all the while staying true to the romantic ambience of the days of Blixen, Hemingway and Roosevelt. A tented camp in Amboseli is the most authentic form of safari, a true immersion into the sights and sounds of the bush. Return from an exhilarating day in the bush to a spacious, veranda-fronted tent furnished in a blend of African and colonial European styles. Hand-woven cushions and cotton sheets cover a large, comfortable bed. Many tented camps in Amboseli are equipped with fully flushing ceramic toilet, washbasin and shower. Arched, netted windows allow the breeze to pass through. On your veranda, two director's chairs and a butler table provide the perfect vantage point for sunrises, sunsets or sundowners. Meals in Amboseli camps are also an event, Enjoy fine cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients by your specially trained cook and served by an attentive staff in a large, candlelit dining tent. Savor a favorite wine or cocktail (on ice) from a fully stocked bar. Then, retire to a comfortable lounge chair by a roaring campfire. Our Amboseli safari camps are located in some of the most remote and pristine wilderness areas, and focus on the Amboseli National Parks abundant wildlife. They typically offer a wide range of Amboseli safari activities by which to experience the magic of the African bush, with an emphasis on observing wildlife in its natural habitat.


    Staying at a safari camps in Amboseli is not, in any way, to be confused with “Amboseli camping safaris". All tented safari camps in our portfolio feature, at a minimum, large canvas rooms with real beds and private, tented safari camps range from very comfortable to exceptionally elegant and stylish; by virtue of their remote locations, most Amboseli tented safari camps do not feature telephone or internet connection, air conditioning, or other "distractions" of civilization. The defining feature of a Amboseli tented safari camp (versus a Amboseli safari lodge) is that Amboseli tented safari camps feature rooms with canvas walls (as opposed to bricks and mortar). They are generally located deeper into the wilderness and, because there is less physical separation between you and African bush, they facilitate a closer sense of connection to the wilderness - at night you hear the animal sounds and smell the fresh, sweet African air. Your laundry is delivered to your tent, clean and freshly pressed. While you're at dinner, your safari tent attendant turns down your bed, draws the mosquito net and slips a hot water bottle beneath your duvet on chilly nights. The professional guide who accompanies you is one of the most important factors in the success of your journey. Every Book & travel guide has attained a bronze or silver certification by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. Tented camps places you right in the heart of Africa's beauty, our longstanding reputation and history as the most respected Amboseli safari outfitter in Africa gives us privileged access to private camping concessions in Amboseli National park most beautiful and wildlife-rich territories. We maintain our own fleet of custom-built Land Cruisers and train our drivers ourselves — no other safari company in Kenya and Tanzania does this. When you take to the plains in our safari vehicles, you are guaranteed a window seat.


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